The Berkeleyan Skull & Shackles

Man's Promise


Actual Play – Man’s Promise


  • Barnabas throws the Tidewater Cutlass overboard as a challenge to find the new first mate!
  • Vyv finds out what happened to their lost partner.
  • Madi kills Jape while attempting to retrieve the Cutlass.
  • Vyv, Davey and Anand save Ratliner.
  • Anand also saves Aretta and Cog. (But almost kills them first.)
  • Anand trades blows with Scourge and almost dies!
  • Madi brings the Cutlass to Barnabas and is made new first mate!
  • Vyv escapes their life of piracy!
  • Davey pirates for a little while longer but hopes to retire soon!
  • Madi is the new Captain of the Man’s Promise!
  • Anand goes on a recruitment run for Team Murder!



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