The Berkeleyan Skull & Shackles

At rat on board!


Actual play post here:


  • Davey makes a deal with the Captain to be his stooge. Vyv shows more character!
  • Anand stirs up trouble by asking around about who cut his rope. Jape, Sly, Narwal and Fipps come after him. Vyv’s fog foils Plugg‘s attempt to see what’s happening, but Madi fails to charm Krine. We find out Fipps was the one who cut the rope!
  • We all get many lashes and are briefly introduced to an elusive gunnery mate (Kipper).
  • Davey is, once again, brought back to consciousness by Vyv’s healing.
  • Madi succeeds at making Shivikah our ally!
  • Anand plays (fucked up but kind of hot) Knivsies with Sly.
  • Davey gives Krine a back-massage – and is half-falsely outed as a rat.



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