Davey McTavish

Aging pirate with a conscience

Debts Owed:

The old man with the peg-leg saved me life. Twice now. Thrice now. He might as well own me soul. And, after seein’ him in a squall, I’d have him as my captain any day.
Young Anand beat be fairly and I must make good on our wager. Methinks Plugg’s lashing with the Cat-o-Nine should clear the slate. He’s got a strangely honorable streak, for a Chelaxian.
The girl stood watch for me while I fiddled with the lock – though her situation be the most perilous of any. Sometimes her words concern me, but she’s got wits and courage and I’ve a great deal of fondness for her.
Jack be that even his name is responsible for me being on this shameful vessel. I can understand it, even forgive it, but I’ll never trust the man. Dinnae mean I won’t risk me hide to save him though!


Maeve McTavish gave birth to young Davey in the kitchen of her own tavern, The Full Flagon. It is one of a hundred such unsavory establishments along the docks of Hell’s Harbor. He was the first child of three; his siblings being twins, eight years his junior. They are the ones who currently run the business, while his mother spins tales by the fireside.

McTavish grew up on stories of freedom and piracy, many of which featured his disreputable grandfather, Vincent the Vile. Vincent was only clean when Besmara sent a storm. Vincent drank squid juice like wine; his teeth stained permanently black by the habit. And when Vincent was in a temper, his conduct could be vile indeed. But Vincent also took over 50 prizes during the course of his career, and those that served under him still say his name with respect. Dreaming of his grandfather’s glory, McTavish joined his first crew at the age of 7; the proudest powder-monkey there ever was.

But the sea is a harsh mistress and over time his enthusiasm for skullduggery has been tempered. At sea, he likes to sing shanties with his mates, test his skills in a squall, or smoke a pipe and watch the sea in solitude. At shore, he likes to listen to old tales and new gossip, have a mug of ale and a game of chess with a friend, and eat any food that isn’t biscuits or fish. Occasionally an affair will move him to think of settling down, but those always end before he’s made up his mind to. The most recent, and the longest (three years), was with a fellow named Rupert Marlowe. It ended about nine months ago, but McTavish still carries a locket, with Rupert’s likeness in it, at his wrist.

He is capable at what he does, but has never been more than a simple crewman – and has never desired to be. He fights when he must, and he is no coward, but he is also never the first to board, nor the last to put down his weapon. He feels himself slowing down and knows that weak pirates soon become dead pirates. He does not want the sort of dismal fate that has taken so many of his friends.

Vincent the Vile (grandfather), Maeve McTavish (mother), Fiona (Sister) and Seamus (Brother), Zinna (Niece)

Dear Friends, Now Lost (To Sea, Vice or Villainy)
Jenny the Jinx, Hard Henry, Drake Silver, Rhiannon O’Reilley, Bald Fitz, Valeria Chacon

Ships he might have served on:
Executioner, Snap Dragon, Bachelor’s Delight, Morning Star, Besmara’s Bane, Golddigger

Davey McTavish

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